The      lives

Contrary to the vines, half of the olive trees are over 100 years old.

Our olives are situated in the area “centro-settentrionale dell’Italia”, which is famous for its quality olive oil. They grow on a southern slope as well as on a slightly inclined northern slope.

The nature of the soil varies a great deal but is mostly deep, with a slight amount of clay (10-20%). Olive trees like this as they don’t like to stand in water. When they are 5 to 6 years old, the soil is no longer cultivated in order to achieve stabilisation.

For half the olives, drip irrigation is used during prolonged drought. The other olive trees are – if necessary, manually watered no more than once per year.

In winter, organic fertiliser is applied. Depending on the analysis, foliar fertiliser is also used. Herbicides are not utilised here either.

The 6 ha olives are comprised of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino and a few other strains. We use very little copper, in order to stay faithful to our concept of the environment. Pruning in vase form – roventina style – is carried out annually and means a maximum of sun and air.